About Us

Pillix Multi Services provide Website development, Digital Marketing, Software testing & business consulting services. Our services are business driven, user focused, & innovative. We deliver world class websites, web application development services to our clientele.

We help business connect with their customers via Website, mobile app which is beautifully designed and have better usability approach.
Surely the design is something which attracts in first glance, but we know how to make Attractive designs which are ease to use and rejoicing to read


Believe us; we work so hard to provide desired results in all projects which we offer to our clients.
We initialize the process only with complete and satisfactory information about the site as we have to manage the deliveries and budget comparing the scope of the project.

In our day to day activities we are involved in exciting projects, obtaining new knowledge, honing current skills and keep pushing up our limits and ingenuity on other digital media too.
We have an effective Project Management System. Each project goes under this step to insure that we are giving our best and delivering best of our performance.
And we are not done yet! Even after done with project we keeps eye on it and also keep in touch with our client to ensure that we have provided which was expected by clients.

Why Choose Pillix Multi Services

Responsive Website

Responsive & Dynamic Websites

Whatever your device it may be, we create a responsive and dynamic website for best viewing and browsing experience to user.

Quality Assurance

Designing is not only our passion but providing the quality is our top responsibility. We deliver quality service to our clients.

Technical Support

Our responsibilities not over by delivering service. We don’t know when you need our support for better use, enhancement etc. For that We are always happy to help.

All Solutions Under One Roof

We provide all your business need under one roof. Business planning to documents, website designs to hosting. Digital marketing for Business promoting

Committed Support

Unlike many companies we are not loyal with our client up to completion of project. Pillix Multi Services is committed to provide any kind of support even after a project is delivered. Because, no one know when clients need our need. We are always happy to help our clients at our office timing.